Join us for worship each Sunday morning at 8:30 and 10:45. You are welcome just as you are!

    Join us for a New Woship Series:
"Timeless Promises for a New Year”

January 8 - God's Promise of New Life
January 15 - God's Promise of Faithfulness
January 22 - God's Promise of Ministry
January 29 - God's Promise of Blessing
February 5 - God's Promise of Guidance
February 12 - God's Promise of Freedom

"New Year, new you": this is the message we get from pop culture, year after year. We vow to make changes to our diet, exercise habits, or lifestyle, but in spite of those resolutions, most things stay the same. This may be cause for disappointment, but there is some consistency we can celebrate. God's promises to us do not change with the calendar or the latest fitness trend. Rather than focusing our energy and attention on making (and in all likelihood breaking) promises to ourselves, let's spend the first part of the new year appreciating God's unbreakable promises.                               

Join us starting on Sunday, January 8, for this 6-part sermon series, “Timeless Promises for a New Year. There will also be opportunities for deeper study, prayer, and fellowship as we form small groups, start new Bible studies, and offer new opportunities for mission and ministry. We hope you'll make spiritual growth part of your New Year’s resolution by simply accepting God's promises for you.